Saving Money on your Online Purchases

Do you shop online?

If you do and you’re not using cash back websites then you’re getting spending more money than you should be. I’m a member of ShopAtHome and ebates and use them for almost all of my online shopping. I simply shop through either of their websites by selecting the page I plan to shop at. In turn, they give me a certain amount of cash back for going through them. It’s one tiny extra step and super easy. Yesterday I got a check in the mail for $57 for online shopping I’ve done through ShopAtHome recently. These were business and personal purchases that I was intending to do anyway, so in a way it’s like free money!

So, how can you get cash-back from these sites?

First, sign up. Visit ShopAtHome and ebates and create an account. You’ll often get a bonus from each of these sites for signing up, like a $10 gift card from ebates!

Next, make sure you’re signed in and check both of those sites for the site you plan to shop at. For instance, I might search each of them for Target because I plan to do some online shopping there. A quick search reveals that ShopAtHome is offering 4% cash back for Target shopping while ebates is only offering 2%. Oftentimes,  ShopAtHome is the better percentage but I always like to double check.

Click “Shop Now” on the  ShopAtHome Target page. You might see a decent coupon code to use in addition to the cash back. That’s right, you can use coupon codes at checkout in addition the cash back you’re receiving through ShopAtHome.

Note: It’s very important you do not exit out of that linked page once you’ve clicked it. The link from  ShopAtHome is tracked so that they can verify your purchase and give you your cash back. I often add all of my items to my cart, exit the page and then link from ShopAtHome. The stuff is still in my cart and I know for sure I haven’t accidentally left the linked page while shopping.

What are some other ways you like to save money with your online purchases?