DIY Tutorial: Bunting / Pennant Banner

Our made-to-match pennant banners (or buntings) have been very popular. We frequently get orders for flags to match the invite or party theme. They certainly make for easy DIY party decor! Below I’ve outlined the simple steps to¬†assembling¬†your DIY printable pennant banner.

Step 1. Print the PDF file. I recommend a bright white glossy paper or cardstock.

Step 2. Cut out the pennant flags. You can use an Exacto and straight edge or just use a scissors like I did.

Step 3. Punch holes in the top two corners of each flag.

Step 4. Tie a string or ribbon between each flag.

Step 5. Hang and enjoy! I put this one in my boy’s room for Valentine’s Day tomorrow and they just love it!

Print multiple pages of the pennants to make it even longer!

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You can purchase a custom pennant banner from the shop to match any of our invites. You can also check out our digital paper packs for more inspiration for pennant patterns we can provide.