It’s like foil flocked wallpaper…

I was doing preliminary logo work for an architectural client when they asked me to also critique their existing website. This is always a tough one, because you can never be sure who designed the website (it could have been the boss himself!) and you risk offending said designer. I was open, honest, and straightforward with my critique. I included things I thought the site was doing well and areas where it needed improvement.

I really loved the client’s response to my critique: “It’s like foil flocked wallpaper that you have had on your walls since you built your house and don’t even notice it anymore until someone walks in and says ‘wow! foil flocked wallpaper…’ and then you realize it is time to update. Well the same with our website, we get so busy with everything else that it gets ignored. We like your ideas and would like you to move forward with this.”

I offer free reviews or critiques of your existing website, logo design, or marketing designs at no cost. I definitely won’t suggest improvement where I feel none is needed, but if there is room for such, I’ll give you my honest opinion.

Sometimes our business designs may be lacking interest, outdated, or just don’t jive with our intented message to our client audience. If you think you might have some ‘foil flocked wallpaper’ in your own business repertoire, contact me for your free review.

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