FREEBIE: Sight Word Money “the”

This freebie is something a bit different, it’s a fun learning tool we’re using!

My 3.5 year old loves numbers and letters. He already has the alphabet down pat, including knowing and matching upper and lowercase letters, so I am trying to keep his mind fresh by introducing him to “sight words”. These are words that can’t really be sounded out phonetically, but are essential for learning to read. Memorizing the list of sight words is a great tool for learning to read.

Here’s a fun new freebie that I made for my son. It’s called “sight word money”. We introduce a new word every few weeks – I call it “word of the week” but in reality we keep it up until he has it memorized and has started finding it on his own. I’ve included two free downloads for you to use with your own kids:

(1) “Word of the Week” sign


(1) sheet of “Sight Word Money” – 8 bills

Directions: Print one copy of the “Word of the Week” sign and at least one copy of the money. I used green construction paper for the money, to make it more like real money. Post the sign on your refrigerator or somewhere handy, and review the word each morning. We often make up new lyrics to an old song and include the word and its spelling in the song, for example we’ll sing  to the tune of ” The Wheels on the Bus”:

The word of the week is




The word of the week is T-H-E

and that spells THE!

When your child starts to recognize the sight words on their own throughout their environment, reward them with the money. My friend, Corissa Nelson with Corissa Nelson Art, had a great idea of allowing him to turn in the money for some fun rewards!

Let me know if you’re using it and how your child likes it!