10 Fabulous and Free Handwritten Fonts

As I may have previously mentioned I. Love. Fonts. Seriously, Pinterest and a search for ‘great fonts‘ is one total time suck for me (click there and see for yourself!) as I always find a ton of fonts I want or need. Lately I really like handwritten fonts so I figured I’d share a few of them here with you.

If you’re on the hunt for great free fonts to use for commercial purposes, I highly suggest FontSquirrel.com – they have hand picked all of the fonts that are OK to use freely on your commercial work without worrying about copyrights and terms of use. You can download files quickly without the hassle of an account.

Handwritten Fonts - Free copy

You can find all of the information and download links below. Please note, some of these fonts require a fee or donation for commercial use.

  1. Allister by Inspiration Hut (free when you sign up for IH emails)
  2. Heidi by Jeff Henderson Design
  3. Amatic and Amatic SC by Vernon Adams
  4. My Own Topher by Amanda Green Bottoms
  5. Janda Stylish Script by Kimberly Geswein Fonts (free for personal, donate for commercial use)
  6. FFF Tusj by Magnus Cedarholm
  7. Before Breakfast by Simon Stratford (free for personal use, $4 for commercial use)
  8. LeckerliOne by Gesine Todt
  9. Always Here by Luedecke Font Company (free for personal use, $2 for commercial use)
  10. Henny Penny by Brownmax